About Tax Recovery Inc.

We can get you additional refunds by reviewing up to your past 10 years of tax returns

You could be eligible for many credits and tax deductions based on your location, health conditions, and responsibilities (especially as a single parent or caregiver). But the complex nature of the Canadian tax system means you usually end up overlooking these tax recovery opportunities.

By conducting a thorough, CRA-approved review of your past tax returns (going back to 10 years), we uncover forgotten deductions that can help you get your money back from the government.

Tax Reviews

We have 10+ years of experience with tax review and recovery

Tax Recovery Inc. is verified by the CRA and trusted by customers:

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Registered with the CRA as a trusted tax recovery service provider

Registration number: 720121110RC0001

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You don’t have to pay more than your fair share in taxes

Every year when the refunds come through, you wonder whether the amount should have been higher. Or maybe you’re simply curious whether your accountant (or you) missed anything on your tax returns. There’s no cost to you to have us review your returns.

That’s why we’ve developed a signature in-depth review process to identify missed tax recovery opportunities and help you reclaim any overpaid taxes.

The Tax Recovery Inc. team is committed to helping Canadians reduce their tax burden by ensuring that everyone has claimed all of their credits, deductions, and benefits.

Our Promise to You

Attention to detail - Returning unclaimed money to you

We promise that we’ll recover every tax dollar you’ve overpaid to the government. By thoroughly reviewing up to 10 years of your past returns, we uncover any unclaimed money from the CRA that you or your accountant may have missed.

Peace of mind - Secure and seamless tax review and refund service

We strive to make the tax review and recovery process hassle-free so you can rest assured that you aren’t paying more taxes than necessary. Our goal is to build a long-lasting relationship with you based on total transparency. We involve you in the tax planning process and keep you informed at each step.

Zero risk - We only get paid after you get paid

Our tax recovery process is risk-free, and you don’t need to pay an upfront fee to apply for a thorough tax review. You’ll pay our 30% commission fee only after your refund from the CRA is credited to your bank account or sent via cheque to your address.

Meet our founder

Kanwar S. Chattha

Founder and Lead Consultant, Tax Recovery Inc.

- Bachelors of Commerce from Panjab University
- Accounting diploma from Mohawk College Hamilton, Ontario
- CPA Canada: CPA exam
- In-depth Tax Course with CPA Canada

Kanwar’s tax consulting career started at a global heritage tax preparation company. He continued to hone his skills and learn more about the digital tax filing process at Intuit (the makers of QuickBooks and TurboTax).

He pivoted to specialize in tax recovery in Canada during his role at another respected tax recovery agency in Toronto.

After his 10+ years of highly niched experience, Kanwar started Tax Recovery Inc. in 2020 and has since served 11,000 clients.

We’re driven by a larger purpose

Not only we're passionate about helping our clients get back the money they overpaid, but we also care about giving back to the community, both local and global.

We donate a portion of our monthly revenue to nonprofits, such asSick Kids - a hospital for sick children in Toronto, charities supporting Indigenous People and Communities in Northern Canada (TrueNorthAid), and planting trees in India.

What makes us different from your accountant?

Accountants provide all-encompassing services like reviewing your personal finances yearly or quarterly, sharing strategic investment decisions, and filing your taxes.

Since they’re focused on many things, some credits and deduction specific to your case may fall through the cracks when they’re filing your returns. 

On the other hand, our Tax Recovery team members are specialists with a singular focus: recover taxes you’ve overpaid to the CRA. 

Our in-depth tax review methodology covers every detail of your tax-paying circumstances and increases your chances of getting a higher refund from the government. 

Want to see if there’s extra money hidden in your past tax returns?