Frequently Asked Questions

Every person who’s over 18 lives and in Canada is eligible to apply. Our tax recovery services are perfect for you whether you’re employed or currently in between jobs. We can help you review your taxes and reclaim overpaid funds, regardless of your immigration status in Canada.

Yes, while reviewing your tax returns, going back 10 years gives us a chance to find the biggest refund possible; we can review any number of years below that threshold. After all, any money recovered from the CRA is good money to have in your pocket!

Disclaimer: We talk about 10 years in our ads and website because that’s the review limit set by the CRA

You wouldn’t be the only one asking this question. Rest assured, we’re registered with the CRA as a trusted tax recovery consultant, and our verifiable business number is 720121110RC0001. We are also accredited by the Better Business Bureau (find our business profile here).

Additionally, all discovered and claimed refunds will be released by the CRA and sent directly to YOUR bank account or your address via cheque. This means you only pay us when you actually get your refund.

Yes, that’s absolutely true! We’ll conduct an in-depth 10-year tax review without an upfront fee or deposit. We only get our 30% commission fee if you decide to claim the refund from the CRA. That is, we will send you an invoice once you receive your refund from the CRA (either via cheque or direct deposit). If we don’t find a refund opportunity, your review is absolutely free.

Tax Recovery Inc. was established in 2020, and since then, we’ve worked with 11,000 customers. The average refund amount is $3,000, and depending on your specific case, you can get anywhere from a few hundred dollars to several thousand. To date, the highest refund we’ve helped a customer claim is $55,000.

The CRA can take anywhere between 2 weeks to several months to review and process your tax return amendment. The CRA’s average processing time is usually 7 weeks.

Don’t worry, though - we’ll keep you updated at every step, starting from when we find a refund opportunity (usually within 5 business days of thoroughly reviewing your tax history questionnaire).

No, you don’t need to do any paperwork to start your tax recovery process with us. After you authorize us (you’ll learn more about this on our Apply page), we’ll get your past filed returns directly from the CRA

The Tax Recovery Inc. team will get in touch with you if the CRA requests any additional documents.

We strive for a transparent process and clear communication so you can have peace of mind during your tax review and recovery process.

You’ll hear from us on several occasions:

  • When we find a refund opportunity (and if we don’t)
  • When your application has been successfully submitted
  • If the CRA needs additional information to support your claim
  • When the CRA approves your amendment and is ready to refund your overpaid taxes

This is the best part: the refund you’ll receive is tax-free!

You don’t have to include it in your next year’s income statements because this is the money you’ve already been taxed on. Now the CRA is just giving it back to you.

No. Any amendments filed by us will only result in overpaid money being refunded to you.

Additionally, after conducting the research, we’ll let you decide if you want to claim the money. If we find errors in your past filed returns that would result in you owing the CRA, we’ll let you know so you can address this with your accountant. 

You can be certain; we won’t claim anything without you giving us the green light or filing any amendment that will trigger the CRA.

No. We look for overlooked credits, benefits, and deductions applicable to your specific case during the tax review process. Whenever we submit an application to the CRA, they review it to ensure that you’re eligible for the refund. Sometimes they can ask for additional information to support the claim, but that doesn’t trigger the audit process for you.

CRA Refund

No. Accountants have a good but general understanding of the tens of thousands of pages of the Tax Code (similar to a doctor who is a general practitioner).

On the other hand, we are CRA refund specialists who only work in the complex world of personal tax refunds. While we don’t need to contact your accountant for our review, we’re happy to get their approval before submitting any amendments to the CRA, if you prefer.

Your personal data is safe with us.

Since you’ll share your files with us through the CRA’s online platform, your personal information is encrypted and we will have secure digital access. Moreover, our team is bound by Canadian Law to keep your information strictly confidential.

Finally, all information you share with us through this website is encrypted and secure as well.

We don’t need hard copies of your past tax returns, but we do need your social insurance number to access your past tax returns securely and safely from the CRA’s online platform. It’s the only way we can access all the necessary information and help you claim your refund.

Not at all - by initiating a tax refund process with us, you’re asking the CRA to refund money that you’ve overpaid. That is money that’s already rightfully yours.

Rest assured, the motion to file a refund will have no bearing on your future tax returns.

Our tax review will never affect any of your benefits in a negative way as we always strive for positive tax returns only. In fact, it can uncover certain benefits you’re eligible for but didn’t claim in the past.


Our team of specialists trained directly under the CRA for at least 3 years before joining us.

This has equipped us with the right expertise and systems to analyze your past tax returns (going back 10 years) thoroughly, uncover missed deductions and credits, and identify CRA tax refund opportunities for you.